5 Reasons to Use Custom Steel Fabrication Services

Steel fabrication is a crucial stage of most building projects. From load-bearing steel beams to full steel framing for large structures, custom fabrication will give you the best finish. But steel fabrication is also perfect for smaller projects such as balconies, balustrades, gates, and more. Whatever your project might be, here are five reasons why you should consider custom steel fabrication services in Basingstoke.

Custom Steel Fabrication Basingstoke

1. Made to Your Specification

If you’re thinking about adding a modern, metal balustrade to your garden or a new balcony to the front of your house, store-bought products will never quite fit. Not to mention you’re extremely limited on the design and style of what you buy.

Although investing in bespoke metalwork is more of an investment upfront, you can tailor the project to your specifications. From the perfect size to the colour and style, you can make the finished product your own.

2. High-Quality Materials

Steel is one of the highest quality materials to use in fabrication, which is why we use it in our bespoke metalwork. Stainless steel looks modern and clean-cut when used on gates and railings, whereas brushed steel gives a more rustic finish.

Whatever style you choose though, you can be sure the final product won’t rust, flake, or chip, like many poorly made products on the market will.

3. Durability

Steel fabrication gives an impressively long lifespan to any project. Whether we are creating a steel structure for a new building or a structural beam for a home, that piece of fabrication will last a lifetime. And since the metal is heat and corrosion resistant, you’ll have fewer issues down the road.

4. Versatile

Custom steel fabrication isn’t just for large commercial projects. In fact, it’s a versatile material that can be used in a range of applications. From beautiful staircases and balconies to gates, benches, kitchen countertops, and more, it’s a beautiful addition to any property.

5. Quality Finished Product

When you use high-quality materials, the finished product looks high quality too. Skilled steel fabricators pay attention to the details meaning you get a flawless finish with no inconsistencies. When you buy store-bought products, you’ll likely find flaws in the product from mass production – that is never an issue with bespoke metalwork.

Looking for steel fabrication in Basingstoke?

Whether you’re looking for a commercial fabricator for your building project or bespoke metalwork for your home, call our team at Beamline Steel Ltd today. We have decades of experience in custom steel fabrication and can work to your specifications, no matter how large or small the project.


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